Boat Rentals

Are you looking for a boat rental for your next marine project? Look no further True Depth Diving & Marine has you covered. We maintain a fleet of boats that can fit your many needs. weather you need to;

  • Gain access to remote locations
  • Environmental sampling and monitoring
  • Work platforms
  • Barging operations
  • Picking or setting anchors
  • Mooring projects
  • Buoy Installation
  • Equipment transportation
  • Environmental containment projects
  • Marine safety / rescue
  • Bridge, wharf, and dock inspections
  • and much more

TDDIve maintains a highly experienced staff boasting commercial boat captains tickets, marine emergency duty training, advanced first aid, and oxygen therapy, to name a few. Our team has worked on boating and barging operations across Canada giving you the best services possible.

Our fleet of boats is commercially insured and meets all DOT standards for working in Canadian waterways. this fleet of boats undergo a vigorous maintenance program including, Pre trip inspections, annual maintenance schedules, and invasive species inspections and cleanings. Our boats are maintained by a full time in house mechanic assuring they are kept operational and ready for quick deployment.

Vehicle Recovery

Landing Craft

Jet Boats

Our landing craft jet boat is the ideal boat for transporting goods, equipment, small utility vehicles, personnel and everything in between. Its large footprint makes it a great mobile work platform. It is equipped with a davit arm for lifting up to 500 Ibs, making loading and unloading equipment. lifting anchors, debris, and more easy.

Utility Jet Boat


This boat is the work horse of  our fleet. Its highly powered LS motor with ability to operate its bucket separate from the throttle make this boat able to maneuver around the job site with ease and accuracy. Its fitted with a centralized tow bar for the deployment of booms, silt curtains, removing debris from bridge piers and more. It is also fitted with a push bumper for moving around barges and other in water objects.


Light and super lightweight

We have a few different options when it comes to zodiac’s. The largest of options is our 14’ zodiac equipped with a center control consul. This light weight boat is ideal for light construction applications such as transporting personnel from shore to the work site. It maintains a very low profile for working near the waters surface for fine tasks making it exceedingly manageable by hand, for personnel rescue, and water sampling. Our other zodiac’s are lighter weight ranging from 8’ -12’.  These boats are great for when it is not possible to launch a trailer mounted boat, remote access is key, or while working in a pond or waterway where motors are not alowed.