Potable Dive Services

With years of experience in potable dive services maintenance, cleaning, and inspections; we make the process simple, efficient, and economical. We use our potable water designated gear and equipment that has been disinfected according to the AWWA Standards — using hypochlorite. We are AWWA Compliant; we offer live video and audio inspection feed; preventative maintenance plans; dechlorinators, as well as detailed reporting for peace of mind.

We assure that all materials we use in your potable water system  comply with NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 and 60. While adhering to the latest ANSI/AWWA C652 disinfection and operational standards. 

Using our potable dive services will minimize your down time and save you from wasting valuable treated water by draining your reservoir rendering it inoperable. You can leave your system full changing very little to nothing in your operation while we conduct our work. Our potable dive services team is trained in techniques such as specific body movements, postures, and positions to mitigate turbidity and sediment disruption. This paired with our specialized potable only cleaning system make us the best option for your potable dive services.