Underwater Robotics

True Depth Diving is proud to provide CCTV Inspection in Western Canada. We give clients a non intrusive inspection solution to their underwater, underground and remote infrastructure. Whether its underwater or on surface there is no difference for our robust CCTV inspection robots. Our remotely operated vehicles can be submerged with no worry, no added gases, or additional preparation. 



Our ROV division uses Canadian-Made ROV’s. Compact with sealed on-board battery power; the ROV provides a clear look beneath the surface of the water, and fits into the tightest of hatches and tallest of water towers. With its enhanced vertical precision thruster and grabber claw we can help you with ease. 

Remotely Operated Vehicle



Our A200 Pipe Inspection Crawler tackles the toughest of inspections. With 200 Meters of tether, a fully submersible body, and 4-wheel drive skid steer capability we inspect pipes and structures with precision. This inspection crawler is fully battery powered meaning it can be used in the most remote sites. Here are some specs:

Resolution: 1080p / 8MP
Pan: 360 Degrees Continuous
Tilt: +/- 140 Degrees (280 Degrees Total)
Zoom: 10x Optical, 120x Digital
Lights: 900 Lumens; Auxiliary: 1500 Lumens

Pipe Inspection Crawler