Contaminated Diving Services

Contaminants are a major part of everyday operation of industrial and municipal facilities, thus the need for specialized contaminated diving equipment and personnel. Our systems allow the  diver to enter contaminated substances without coming in contact with any substance that may harm the diver or tending workers. Our team members are trained in the use of these specialized contaminated diving systems and the robust disinfection and safety protocols to be followed. 

Contaminated Dive Services

Contaminated diving can be done in many substances: whether its effluent systems, industrial tailings, waste water, septic, anaerobic, oil byproducts, or just down right dirty stagnant water. All substances encompass there unique inherent risks. We offer an experienced and knowledgeable team so that contaminated dive jobs can be done as safely and efficiently as possible. 

Contaminated Dive Services

Contaminated Services

Services we offer in contaminate diving operations include: 

Underwater Mechanical Repair / Maintenance

Dredging & Desludging Operations

Inspections / Evaluation / Reporting

Safety Watch / Standby / Recovery / Rescue

Supplied Air Entries / Support