Diving In Alberta

Diving in Alberta may be one of the most unique places in the Canada for the commercial diver. Alberta is forefront of energy production in Canada and has many unique jobs for our Alberta commercial dive team. All Municipalities and commercial sites require water at some point, maintaining underwater infrastructure that is crucial to their operations.

At True Depth Diving and Marine Services we maintain, repair, and install these systems with our expert team. Whether it’s your potable water system, water intake, tailings, effluent ponds, anaerobic systems, outfalls, sewer systems, clear wells, tanks, sewage systems, dams, weirs, pipelines, or submarine cables we have you covered.

We are a premiere dive company with the expertise and knowledge to keep your Alberta underwater and subgrade systems working strong.

Hazmat diving plays a special role in Alberta diving so why not hire a team that excels in it, giving you piece of mind while our team works within your tailings, sewage, anaerobic, or effluent systems.  We have a full contaminated dive spread including confined space trained supervisors and entry tech’s.  Our gear for contaminated entry is separate from our potable water entry gear for obvious reasons.

Diving In Edmonton

Our main dive shop is located close to the greater Edmonton area. Having our main commercial dive team in Edmonton gives us easy access to diving in all northern municipalities and industrial sites with the main Alberta commuter hub right here.

Diving In Calgary

With our main dive shop is located close to Edmonton it gives us easy access to diving to the Calgary area including the close by dams which are in abundance in this area.  It also gives us great accessibility to the irrigation districts which are spotted in the southeast areas of Alberta.  These districts rely on irrigation water and consequently have issues with maintaining their weirs and dams.

Diving In Fort McMurray

With our main dive shop is located close to Edmonton it gives us easy access to diving to the heavy Industrial area of Fort McMurray.  Fort McMurray’s Oil sands depend on water to make their industry work, whether its water intake/outfall for, Municipal drinking water infrastructure repairs or simply the installation of plugs to protect the town and its inhabitants from the river flood waters.